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The story of how the Barn came into being has been told by Catherine Carabine in her diary style books ‘A Chestnut Barn in Tuscany’ and her newly published book ‘Back to Tuscany and the Barn’, the former a number one Best Seller on on ebooks based in Tuscany. It was also featured in the Italia Magazine and the Italy Magazine.

‘A Chestnut Barn in Tuscany’

A Chestnut Barn in TuscanyThis is a true story which begins with an unexpected love affair with all things Italian. An innocent evening stroll whilst on holiday, through the narrow ancient stone paved street’s of a medieval Italian hill town, leads to a proposal and a heart rending revelation being uncovered once back in England. The discovery subsequently steers a course to a very different way of life.

A Tuscan wedding follows together with a glimpse into the everyday life of the local Italians encountered along the way. An unfortunate accident causes a life threatening illness but the warmth, generosity and kindness shown by the Italian people comes to the fore.

All this is combined with an insight into some of the highs and lows of purchasing renovating and living in an old ruin nestled deep in the forest of the Northern Tuscan hills.

‘Back to Tuscany and the Barn’

Back to Tuscany and the Barn‘Back to Tuscany and the Barn’ is the sequel to ‘A Chestnut Barn in Tuscany’, Catherine Carabine’s debut factual story and Number One Bestseller on Amazon in ebooks based in Italy.
A positive answer to the all important question posed in her first book is finally made possible as if by fate, and after sleepless nights, covert meetings and a number of factors gradually falling into place, a decision is made to leave their life in England behind and begin their journey back to the Barn.
This diary style true account provides an informative guide into the trials and tribulations of building a new life in Italy, together with a glimpse of the ancient medieval hilltop towns and hamlets visited along the way as well as a look into the local history.
Thankfully in this book there are no heart rending revelations or life threatening illnesses for Catherine to contend with, but will life in ‘Bella Italia’ be fulfilling enough to compensate for the life and family, they left behind?….

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